About Farm & Yard

Farm & Yard was founded during the Global Pandemic in 2020 by two friends and business partners living in Australia. 

As the pandemic hit and people were quarantined or moved away from cities and offices towards more time at home, we noticed a need for quality outdoor equipment and housing for animals that was suitable for suburban environments, but that could also withstand tough, rural conditions.

So we set about creating products that satisfied this need. High-quality, great value, durable outdoor items, flat-packed for efficient transport.

Originally born as "Aussie Dog Kennels", Farm & Yard's first product, the "Aussie Box", introduced a flat-packed raised dog kennel designed to keep dogs off the ground and away from hazards and parasites.

With the help of our amazing Australian-based team, Aussie Kennels grew quickly, and we were soon joined by a third friend to help expand the business. Other products were added to the line-up including a mobile chicken coop, insulated dog house, field scraper and more, but the commitment to quality and value remained.

Today, Farm & Yard's brands are leading names in Australia for animal products that are built to last. With many 1000’s of items sold, our products are trusted by farmers, pet owners, breeders, and animal welfare organizations across the country.

Now also operating in the USA, Farm & Yard continues to innovate and expand our product line to meet the needs of our customers.

We hope you'll love our products! Please reach out to us any time, we'd love to hear from you.

Toby, Adam, Nick and the Farm & Yard Team