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Want to join the Farm & Yard Community & Partner Program?

At Farm & Yard, we’re more than just a brand. Our approach to partnerships goes beyond the transactional; we’re looking for long-term, meaningful collaborations that extend beyond a simple sponsorship exchange or a typical donation.

Through our programs, we've had the privilege of making a real difference for many organizations by building relationships that are impactful and enduring, where both parties can grow and succeed together.

When you apply for our partnership programs, we encourage you to keep this philosophy in mind, to think differently, and explore ways we can build something amazing together.

We like to think we have a “blank canvas” for any collaboration. We’re open to discussing how we can create partnerships that are truly meaningful. Please don't hesitate to share any suggestions or ideas you may have!


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We feel very fortunate to have 100's of retailers carrying our products and 1000’s of happy customers internationally.

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