Microchip & QR Tag Kit (Box of 10)

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Our Microchip & QR Collar Tag Kit offers an effective solution to ensure pets are always identifiable and can be quickly reunited with their owners if lost. Available in packs of 10, these kits provide an essential resource for animal rescue and welfare organizations, supporting their mission to keep pets safe and with their families. By providing these kits to new pet parents, rescue organizations can help ensure the safety of pets and reduce the likelihood of them getting lost and potentially ending up at a rescue organization again.

Key Features:

Microchip + QR Tag: Each kit includes a microchip and a QR tag. The microchip can be scanned by veterinarians or animal rescue teams using specialized readers, while the QR tag, worn on the pet's collar, can be scanned by any mobile phone. This allows anyone who finds a lost pet to contact the owner or registry quickly, preventing the pet from being taken to animal control. Using both together significantly increases the chances of a quick reunion between lost pets and their owners.

Free Lifetime Registration: Your organization can offer these kits to new pet parents, reducing the risk of pets getting lost and potentially ending up at a rescue organization again. Registration for both the microchip and QR tag is free for life, unlike others that may charge a subscription fee. This ensures pet information is always up-to-date without any additional costs.

Integration with Registries and PIMS Systems: Our microchips integrate seamlessly with popular registries and Pet Information Management Systems (PIMS). This flexibility allows animal shelters and rescues to use the PIMS system that best fits their needs while still being able to manage and register microchipped animals efficiently. Whether directly with a registry, through a veterinary clinic, or using a comprehensive PIMS, the integration ensures that all information is centralized and accessible.

Eco-Friendly Applicator: Our bio-based applicator is made from green polyethylene, contributing to environmental sustainability. Each applicator produced helps remove over 30 grams of CO2 from the atmosphere.